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SEO is a crucial component to support a successful PPC campaign. MJS Advertising’s team of digital analysts run reports on our clients’ websites to determine keyword opportunities. Then our creative team puts together content that addresses keyword opportunities with an engaging read. From website content and blog articles to comparisons and product pages, MJS Advertising has the creative content to help your website gain organic visibility in today’s competitive market place.


Nearly every website provider now offers an SEO package which typically addresses the basics: consistency in name, address and phone number across the web and some simple back-end tagging. But you’re not basic and neither is MJS Advertising’s approach to SEO. At MJS, our rolling 90-day-plan involves creating and curating videos and blog posts, then promoting them on your website and relevant social media platforms. SEO gets a bad rap for being dull and lacking flavor – but with fresh, tasty content that addresses your business needs, we’ll have you EATing it up in no time!

Why did we capitalize EAT?

Expertise | Authoritativeness | Trustworthiness

Keyword Strategy

Sometimes you see yourself differently than Google sees you…we can fix that.
First, we’ll review your website to see the keywords for which you’re currently ranking and we’ll discuss your vision and goals. Then, we’ll research additional keywords to build a list that makes the most sense for your company, products/services and objectives. We’ll use AI tools, Google Search Console, SEO software and our own squishy cerebral matter to build a list that’ll work for you. We’ll think like your customers; we’ll think like your competitors; we’ll think like Google. Then we’ll analyze, optimize and…um…Jazzercise!

Content Writing

We can write. At MJS Advertising, our copywriters not only know how to use a semicolon, we know how to write appealing, amusing and absorbing blog posts people will want to share. We know how to include keywords without making an article or web page sound like gibberish. We can update your existing website, posts and product pages to include more relevant, search engine-loving and customer-loving content. And we’ll get to know your business as well as we know our own. If your current content is some version of copy/paste that your competitor has too – please try us instead.

Local SEO

Wanna get ranked? Gotta get local.
We can help you optimize for higher rankings in your backyard. Updating your content and your meta data is crucial, but we’ll also help you create and maintain your Google My Business (GMB) page and ensure your NAP (Name/Address/Phone Number) citations are accurate and consistent. Positive reviews and active social media all help with achieving SEO. Even national companies need to have a handle on local rankings. There are a lot of small, but important, pieces when it comes to local SEO, but we love jigsaw puzzles.