Who We Are – An Automotive Advertising Agency

  • Jan '00

    MJS Advertising, automotive advertising agency is born; Y2K crisis survived.

  • May '04

    SteelHorse Productions launches; walls lined with diamond plate.

  • Jul '06

    First MJS baby; Alexa was the first of seven so far (who's next?).

  • Mar '11

    California office "MJS West" opened; Hi Tina! How's the weather out there?

  • May '11

    Upgraded our digs; Panoramic views and a beautiful atrium.

  • Now

    Sky's the limit; who knows where we'll go from here!

we are creative strategists

That owner guy below and those three brilliant and attractive department heads lead carefully selected teams of hard-working and enthusiastic professionals, most of whom have been with our agency long enough to have been through 3 or 4 computer and software upgrades (that’s a long time)…


Matt Sakolove

Agency Owner & Boss of Everything

Matt Sakolove has been in the automotive advertising business for longer than Britney Spears has been alive. With a photographic memory and a penchant for perfection, Matt is the consummate tweaker. He makes great work into exceptional work and keeps everyone on their toes (or hiding under their desks). He loves football (watching, not playing), hates sushi and recently discovered an innate fear of interior design. He knows more about everything than you do, probably already has your phone number memorized and his desk is a puzzle only he can solve. Matt’s hobbies include grilling, succeeding and loathing raw onions.

with MJS since 2000


Allison Mayer

General Manager & Director of Acct Services

Born of extremely pale parents on the tiny Island of Rhode, Allison Mayer has led a charmed and anal-retentive life. From an early age, Allison was known to organize paper clips by size, color and effectiveness. As Director of Account Services, Allison has instituted a rigorous and demanding “to-do list” policy and has single-handedly wiped out South Florida’s supply of hanging file folders and self-tanner. As General Manager, she generally manages... everything. A problem-solver at heart, Allison is adept at creating effective media and creative strategies based on specific client needs and resources. She enjoys cooking, gardening and getting budgets approved.

with MJS since 2005


Ronni Walker

Media Director & Spreadsheet Guru

Ronni Walker is a New York native, and hence, a born and bred fast-talker. Ronni's typically finished negotiating before colleagues can even spit out their first words. With over 20 years of media buying experience, Ronni arrived with oodles of knowledge, a flat iron and what some may consider an annoying habit: repetition. Raising three kids, repeating herself had become a primary survival skill. While many would find this tiresome, at MJS Advertising we know her redundancy ensures correctness (and keeps her staff from running with scissors). When she’s not triple checking invoices, Ronni enjoys Yoga, good wine and shoes…OMG SHOES!

with MJS since 2010


Marcee Pauff

Creative Director & Grammar Authority

If ADHD had been diagnosed and Ritalin had been in such excessive supply when she was a child, it’s quite possible Marcee Pauff would never have become a Creative Director. Thankfully, her hyperactivity, fondness of her own voice and ability to invent on the fly led to a career in advertising. With several Addy Awards under her belt, lightning-fast turnaround and a superhuman index of 80’s movies quotes, Marcee is the go-to gal for instantaneous anti-generic ads and ideas - and logo designs and t-shirts and birthday invitations for your best friend's cousin’s sister’s kid. Marcee takes pleasure in watching way too much tv and complaining.

with MJS since 2000


National media buying experience, over 30 years of automotive creative excellence and dynamic in-house production…our clients enjoy all of this with up-close communication and unparalleled one-on-one service and attention to detail.


fun fact

our employees include a bikini body-building competitor, an ex-college football player and a former child model