These times seem to require communications that are not limited to 145 characters or a 15-second information flash or a single, albeit impactful, visual. Brand trust cannot be reduced to simplistic, sunny slogans.

PRINT ADVERTISING allows brands to rise above the digital noise or complement it, depending on your strategy. It can be an ideal medium for hyper-local markets, reaching consumers with tailored messages for their specific communities or lifestyles. Besides, many consumers still value tangible media – something they can hold in their hands – especially luxury buyers. Print materials are also still valuable as point-of-purchase communications. Brochures, flyers, tags – even stickers and promotional items are useful components of a multifaceted brand campaign. MJS Advertising can help build your brand through newspaper and magazine ads, POP materials, billboards and direct mail.

For marketers and business owners, one of the biggest urban legends is: Direct mail is dead. It was killed by the internet. However, it’s not just alive and well, but in fact, direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels based on recent statistics and studies.

MJS Advertising does DIRECT MAIL – from targeted drops pinpointing the perfect customer to saturation mail covering your entire market. We have a direct mail solution for every budget with custom creative catering to your specific needs.

Direct Mail is another touch-point on the road to a sale that can be very effective if done correctly. MJS can guide you in best practices…from event mail to database campaigns, MJS has the pulse on how to create a mail sale that will deliver results. Procuring lists and managing databases is just the beginning, eye-catching creative with the right message to the right person is what sets our mail apart from the competition.

Targeted Mail

Have a customer database that you need to take advantage of?
With our database-driven mail programs we can help make sure you’re targeting the right customer with a message that speaks to their specific situation. Plus, you’ll have access to a custom dashboard so you can further data mine existing opportunities.

Competitor Database

Have competition in the market that sells your product?
We can help you decrease their market share by directly targeting their customers. While we can’t give you the ingredients to our secret sauce, we can tell you it’s delicious!

Saturation Mail

Want to get your message out to the masses?
We’ve got you covered! There are many options available for saturation mail from blanketing entire markets, to targeting specific household incomes and carrier routes. Pieces can range from letters to postcards, leaflets to coupon books, specialty die cuts and more. And, of course, MJS Advertising works to ensure that your message is not only beautiful, but also accurate and delivered on time.

Event Mail

Throwing a carnival at your business?
We can help you spread the word! We partner with many event mail companies that can provide greeters, closers, prizes and giveaways to pack your party!