Over 33 million U.S. consumers have canceled their pay-TV services (cord-cutters), opting to stream their TV from non-linear providers. And by 2021, that number will nearly equal the number of people who have never subscribed to a cable-TV subscription in the first place (cord-nevers).


We expect that more than half of the US population (60.7%) will watch connected TV in 2020…and because the time they spend watching will increase too, the amount of connected TV inventory available to advertisers will proliferate.


CONNECTED TV has surged in users over the last year. Streaming services allow you to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers. With an abundance of outlets to consume information, it’s more important than ever to layer various strategies together to reinforce your message. Think of your own viewing habits. You may watch the news on network TV in the morning but settle in at night to stream a new hit series. If not managed properly, your marketing plan might look like Swiss cheese. The integrated media buyers at MJS work closely with the digital and creative teams to ensure your marketing plan (and your cheese) is free of holes.


With so much content available at the consumers fingertips, deciding which outlet to use can be daunting. It’s not just about impressions served – targeting, view to completion and frequency caps are just some of the parameters that should be taken into consideration.

MJS Advertising provides the full funnel solution, reaching potential customers at every touchpoint during the buying process including Email, Print & Direct Mail, Television & Cable, Radio and Digital Media.