John Harvey Toyota
Trunk or Treat
Project Description

Trunk or Treat

If you treat them, they will come. Clients dream of finding ways to attract large groups of people to their businesses without having to spend a ton of money. John Harvey Toyota decided to host a Trunk or Treat event at their dealership to give the community a safe place to take their children for Halloween. MJS Advertising created an eye-catching Facebook post including a custom Facebook newsfeed video and inexpensively boosted it. Hundreds of people showed up; they shared posts and pictures of the dealership in social media. The community loved it, publicly declared their appreciation for John Harvey Toyota and the dealership ultimately made it an annual event. Foot traffic, community goodwill and a prominent annual event – all for the low cost of a boosted Facebook video, decorations, hot dogs and candy.

Project Details
John Harvey Toyota
Oct / Annually