Women are the main influencers in today’s retail space, including automotive. Does your advertising and marketing target women? Even more importantly, your sales and service teams should reflect this shift. Are women a large part of your sales and service staffs? If not, they should be. Women are making 9 out of 10 purchase decisions and, overall, women tend to pay more attention to advertising than men. In advertising, when specifically targeting women, it’s essential to be authentic. We can tell when you’re pandering and we will roll our eyes.

According to Ad Age, women respond best to scenes with people and relationships; some of the most popular commercials tell a story.

Spending time, research and resources on marketing and staffing to target women is time well spent since women are typically more loyal consumers. If you provide excellent service, we’ll come back again and again. And, because women tend to be more socially active, recommendations and word-of-mouth will increase your opportunities to do business.

Knowing your target audience is among the most important aspects of an effective marketing campaign. At MJS Advertising, we research your market and create campaigns that speak directly to your potential customers.

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